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Survival Uses For Wood Ashes

Wood ashes are a great source for mineral-rich dust that has a lot of practical uses in a survival situation. For most cases it is important to note that the wood ash you use must not contain residue from plastic, food, or other trash that was burned in the fire. These substances can be toxic. …

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Survival Uses For Socks

Other than the obvious, to keep your feet warm and dry, socks can be used as: a filter / strainer for water gloves a holder for something hot a bandage or sling or to secure a bandage pouch to carry things fill with dry grass and use as a menstrual pad or diaper ear muffs heat pack (put warm rocks inside) as …

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Shoe Laces

Your shoelaces can serve so many purposes. Just to name a few you can use your shoelaces to climb by tying your shoelaces together while wearing your shoes, use shoelaces as fishing line, tie sticks together to make a to make a splintand use shoelaces to make fire with the bow-and-drill method, to make traps, to help construct …

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Safety Pin

A safety pin is a simple metallic or plastic device consisting of a length of wire coiled at its center to create a spring effect, sharpened to a point on one end, and containing a clasp of the other end to hold the sharp end in place and cover it to protect the user. A …

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Survival Uses For A Pen

There are many uses of a simple pen other than writing. You can improvise using a pen in a survival situation. you can hollow it out and use it as a straw clean your shoe / boot treads sharpend, a pen body can be used as a weapon, dart, utensil or a pin to create …

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Paper Clips

There are hundreds of alternate uses for a paper clip. Listed below are just a few: Hem holder Eye glass repair Hair barrette Clean fingernails Mend clothing or gear Splint for minor injuries of fingers & toes Makeshift antenna for small electronics On a smashed finger – blood begins pressuring under the thumbnail, you can take a …

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Uses for Panty Hose

There are literally hundreds of alternative uses for pantyhose. We have chosen to list the uses most relevant to a survival situation. Use pantyhose to secure bait while fishing. Place bait in a square cut from pantyhose and secure to keep from losing bait while fishing. Use pantyhose as a pouch or bag to carry things. …

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Besides the obvious (burning them or using them to insulate), you can use newspaper to create a makeshift weapon. There is actually a name for this improvised weapon, the Millwall Brick. You can use this weapon for hunting, defense against predators, etc. It is constructed from one or more newspaper sheets rolled and folded to create …

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Uses for a Maxi Pad

The many uses for maxi pads in a survival scenario: Wound dressingMakeshift slippersHeadrestOven mittsBag handleTapeEye maskShoe insoleCool compressShoulder padsShin guardsKnee padsSun visorUse the material inside as tinder

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Makeup Mirror

A small mirror will reflect the sun so can be used to signal to airplanes and rescuers from miles away. In the right conditions, a mirror can also be used to start a fire.

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Besides the obvious (burning them), you can use magazines to create a makeshift splint for a forearm or wrist injury. To make this impromptu case simply place your wrist palm-down on top of a thick magazine(s). Roll the magazine into a U-shaped cradle and secure it with tape, an ace bandage, or long strips torn from a …

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Every Day Survival Items

When you have no formal supplies, improvisation is key. Altoids Tin Makeup Mirror Animal Parts Newspaper Binder Clip Panty Hose Car Battery Paper Clip Cans Pen Car Battery Pencil ChapStick Plastic Bottles Credit Card Safety Pin Condoms Shoelaces Dental Floss Socks Glasses Soda Can Lipstick Tampons Magazines Thread Matchbook Wood Ashes Maxi-Pads Wristwatch

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Uses for Dental Floss

Dental floss is made of strong, durable material and can be used in place of string or rope. Some uses for dental floss include but are not limited to: use as fishing line string up to use as a clothes line or to hang food can be used to stitch a wound to make a …

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Uses for a Credit Card

In a survival situation, you may be able to get use out of a credit card in several ways: Can be used to cut If it includes a reflective hologram, you can use it to signal for help Use as a spoon / utensil to eat Use as a small scraper Cut in a strips …

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