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Cold climate survival

Winter Hazards

Climatic Conditions Temperature Wetness Cold Metal Super cooled liquids – fuel All of the above can lead to Hypothermia, Frostnip, Frostbite, Frozen eyelashes/cornea Terrain Steep or pitched terrain Avalanche – rare except for steep ditches or channels Falling objects with sun /heat Breaking Through Ice – careful of undercutting, watch the border of ice to shore Other Hazards Dehydration – …

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Survival In The Cold

Would you know how to survive a cold weather situation? Cold weather is a greater threat to survival than it may look. It decreases your ability to think or do just about anything else except to try to get warm. The cold is an insidious enemy; as it numbs the mind and body, it subdues …

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An iceberg is a large piece of freshwater ice that has broken off a glacier or an ice shelf and is floating freely in open water. The size of icebergs varies widely. Small bergs (a littler smaller than a car) are known as “growlers” , while slightly larger bergs (about the size of a house) are called …

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Tips on how to survive a winter storm: OutsideSeek some form of shelter immediately. Blowing winds can cause the wind chill to reduce your core body temperature to dangerous levels. The risk of frostbite and hypothermia increase every minute you are exposed to the cold weather. If you are wet, try to get dry. Lighting a small fire will not only provide warmth, but will enable your …

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Avalanches can be extremely dangerous. Know your terrain before you go. Learn all of the avalanche facts that you can. Check local avalanche forecast to see if an avalanche is a possibility. When you travel in avalanche-prone areas you have to be knowledgeable in recognizing terrain, the avoidance of avalanche areas, and planning your routes. …

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