Black Bear

Ursus americanus The American black bear is the smallest, most common bear found in North America. Black bears have small eyes, a long snout, a short tail and rounded ears. Their sharp claws allow them to climb trees with very little difficulty. They can run quickly up to 30 mph. and swim well. Despite the name, …

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Bats are the only mammals capable of flying. They have very long finger bones with a wing membrane stretched between, covered by strong skin. There are nearly 1,000 species of bats found worldwide. A nocturnal creature, bats have excellent night vision. Size Bats are divided into two categories: the large bat, and the small bat. The larger bats can have …

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Asian Elephant

Elephas maximus The Asian Elephant has thick, gray skin sparsely covered with coarse hairs. The trunk of the Asian elephant has two outgrowths at its tip to making it possible for the animal to perform both delicate and powerful tasks. Male Asian elephants have long tusks, females have either very small tusks or none at all. They have …

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The armadillo’s back is covered by a shell made up of small plates of bone covered by a layer of leathery skin. The head and tail are protected by similar scales. They have poor eyesight, relying more on their noses and to detect food or predators. Armadillos have sharp claws on the front and back feet. …

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Antelopes are hoofed mammals that belong to the Bovidae family. They are close relatives of cows and goats. There are about 90 different species of antelopes all varying in shapes, sizes and colors. Most people compare the antelopes to deer, but unlike deer, antelope horns are permanent, and deer shed theirs annually. Size Antelopes vary in size …

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