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Jake Walnuts

Fishing for a Shark

How to Tie the Haywire Twist

I don`t personally use the haywire twist for fishing often. But, if you frequently go after very big saltwater fish, including sharks, then it`s certainly a very important fishing knot to know how to tie. The haywire twist is specifically designed for use with wire leaders like those typically used when saltwater fishing for bluefish, …

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Schrade Shovel Saw blades and handle

Schrade Shovel Saw Combo Review

A quality shovel and saw are two of the most important tools for long-term survival, no matter the situation. Although you can certainly buy a shovel and saw separately, the Schrade Shovel Saw Combo combines these two essential survival tools into a single package. Not only is this two-in-one shovel/saw surprisingly versatile, but it`s remarkably …

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Snugpak Jungle Bag

Snugpak Jungle Bag Review

Is the Snugpak Jungle Bag the best sleeping bag for survival? Well, as all experienced preppers know, there is no one best survival sleeping bag. The best option for you depends on your personal needs and preferences. That said, the Snugpak Jungle Bag is a highly versatile survival blanket perfectly suited for prolonged travel in …

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