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Ultimate Survival Knives Guide

You’re asking yourself do I really need survival knives? When would I use one? No one expects to end up in a survival situation. But being prepared can change an emergency from life-threatening to an inconvenience or adventure.  Imagine you’re on a day hike with your family. Someone twists their ankle or gets sick, and …

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The A-Frame Shelter: Everything You Need to Know

Learning survival skills like the A-frame shelter isn’t like mastering a language, becoming proficient in carpentry, or dabbling in pottery. It’s devoting yourself to developing expertise you hope never to need. And chances are, you won’t. Most people don’t get lost in the wilderness. Most of the time, nothing goes wrong on a camping trip …

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Your Ultimate Survival Backpack Buyers Guide

Have you heard the term bug-out bag before? If not, get ready for our crash course on buying and packing the best survival backpack. It’s easy to dismiss survival backpacks as excessive-preparedness for people who fear a zombie apocalypse. But with climate change, worldwide pandemics, and frequent extreme weather events, everyone should take disaster preparedness …

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Why You Need Emergency Candles in Your Home

You’re at home, mid-Netflix binge, and ready for a great night and pop! the lights go out, and the tv turns off. Your entire house is quiet, caught in a power outage. They can happen for many reasons; storms, extreme weather events, and even vulnerable power grids unable to keep up with increasing demands. No …

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How to Survive a Tsunami

You may think tsunamis are impossible to survive if you’ve seen videos of elevated tides rushing toward a shoreline filled with people. Following a massive earthquake, tumultuous, powerful water covers the shoreline and beach, overpowering bystanders and seawalls. Once you have information about the causes and signs of an impending tsunami, you won’t fear for …

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