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Essential oils can help relieve and treat poison ivy rashes.

Essential Oils for Poison Ivy

Before we get into essential oils for poison ivy, we should say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Those words are never more true than with poison ivy. Learning to identify, avoid, and fend off poison ivy is worth all the secret remedies in the world. But sometimes it’s unavoidable. …

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How to Survive a Tsunami

You may think tsunamis are impossible to survive if you’ve seen videos of elevated tides rushing toward a shoreline filled with people. Following a massive earthquake, tumultuous, powerful water covers the shoreline and beach, overpowering bystanders and seawalls. Once you have information about the causes and signs of an impending tsunami, you won’t fear for …

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Canadian Jam Knot

How to Tie a Canadian Jam Knot Step 1: Create either a cinch or slip stopper knot at the end of the line, with several inches of a tail at the end. Step 2: Feed the line around a tree, post, or gear, with the stopper knot running beneath and in front of the line.  …

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