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Aepyceros melampus

The impala is one of the many species of antelope found in the African wilderness. They are reddish/fawn in color with a paler colored underside. They have black markings on their hips and tail, and white markings above each eye, under their chin and on the underside of their tail. This graceful creature is slender and agile able to clear formidable obstacles and run at speeds faster than 60km/h.

impala photo

Size: 28 to 36 inches tall
Weight:100 – 135 pounds

Life span 12-15 years


Impalas are herbivorous, eating grasses, shoots, herbs, bushes and shrubs.


Eastern and southern Africa.


Impalas are found at grassland and woodland edges, usually in areas areas close to a water source.


Impala are active during the day with the peak of their activity being after dawn and before dusk.

Gestation Between 6 and 7 months
Litter size One single lamb