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gazelle picture

A gazelle is any of many antelope species. There are about 14 species of gazelle. They are thin and graceful and can be identified by their curved, ringed horns, tan or reddish-brown coats and white rumps. Often, there are spots or stripes on their coats. Gazelles are known as swift animals; they are able to reach high speeds for long periods of time.

Life span

Average life span for a gazelle in the wild is 10 to 12 Years.


The gazelles vary their diet according to season. They eat herbs, foliage from shrubs, short grasses and shoots.


Africa and Asia.


Most gazelles live in open spaces and plains in the hot, dry savannas and deserts.


Since gazelles feed in open grasslands, they are prone to attack from a number of predators, such as cheetahslions and wild dogs. For this reason, gazelles are highly alert and sensitive to the presence of other animals. They are constantly on the lookout and have rely heavily on their eyesight, which is excellent due to their large eyes.


After a pregnancy of about six months, female gazelles give birth to one or two young and hide them in the plains grasses. Baby gazelles are called fawns or calves.