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Pan troglodytes

The Chimpanzee is the the most closely related animal to humans. Chimpanzees have hands and feet that look like ours including finger nails, finger prints, and toe nails. But theirs are especially adapted to their life in the forests using both their hands and feet to climb and grasp objects. Chimpanzees have black to brown hair over most of their bodies. They have large ears, brow ridge, small nostrils and elongated snout.

chimpanzee picture


Females are slightly smaller than male chimpanzees.
Female: Stand approximately 3.5′ tall and weigh between 57 and 110 lbs.
Male: Stand approximately 4′ tall and weigh between 75 and 150 lbs.


Approximately 100,000 to 200,000 chimpanzees are estimated in the wild.

Life span

A Chimpanzee can live up to 40 or 50 years old in the wild. They have been known to reach up to 60+ years in managed situations / captivity.


Chimpanzees are found within 21 different countries throughout central and western Africa.


Chimpanzees eat a variety of foods / plants and meat so they are omnivores. They feed on fruits mostly, different plant foods, termites and ants. The Chimpanzees diet will occasionally include meat in the form of small animals.


Chimpanzees are diurnal mammals spending more than half the day in their daily patterns. Early mornings to late afternoon hours are spent feeding, grooming, walking within their communities and socializing with other chimpanzees. They have strong social bonds and will protect their close knit communities using large sticks, clubs and such to throw at their enemies / predators. The Chimpanzee communicates with gestures, facial expressions, and vocally.

They spend time both on the ground and in trees. Each night an adult chimpanzee will build a sleeping nest in a tree (usually one they were foraging near during the day.


After about an 8 month gestation period, females give birth to a single baby chimp (twins are rare). Born helpless, the young chimp will spend the first 5-6 months of its life clinging tightly to the mothers fur being carried everywhere with her. The baby will be dependant on its mother for at least 2-3 years and their bond is extremely close. The growing chimpanzee child will often stay with their mothers for 10-11 years.