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About Us

Started in 2003, Survival World has been helping visitors be more prepared for almost 2 decades!

We strive to provide you with useful info on how to survive in all sorts of different situations, environments, and with different resources.

How We Handle Reviews

You will notice lots of different product reviews on Survival World. These items were all purchased by Survival World unless otherwise noted.

All reviews are 100% our opinion and not influenced by the manufacturer in any way.

Links To Products & Affiliate Ads

In our articles, you will see links to different products on the web. These links may be affiliate links. When you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, we get a small commission from the product seller (like a sales commission). This does not affect you or the price you pay in any way.

On Site Ads

Just like in television, newspaper, and radio, this site is supported with ads. These ads make it possible for us to continue to run Survival World and make it the best it can be.