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Boiling Water

Boiling is a very effective means of disinfecting water. Boiling is when the water releases “visual vapors”, you “hear a sound” coming from the pot/can and when you look inside you can see “bubbles popping” to the surface of the water. Boil for at least five minutes. Make sure the water is actually boiling – …

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Tornado Survival Kit: Prepare For Disaster

As the year ends and the world begins to almost wander into 2022, there are certain things you may want to start preparing for, especially if you live in a location that is prone to natural disasters such as tornados. Tornadoes tend to occur more frequently during the spring and summer months, so now, when …

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5 Tips to Help Start a Fire with Wet Wood 

In a camping or survival situation, needing to start a fire with wet wood can be a bit of a nightmare. However, in urgent situations where your surrounding environment is wet and potentially cool, it’s important to be able to get that life-saving warmth going.  Can You Start A Fire With Wet Wood?  The short …

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